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alba mengual

Alba met these dances in 2007,  and started to teach them for fun. She has been fully dedicated professionally to them since 2013. She brought her analytic foundation from her old career (pharmacy, medical information) and found in teaching a new way to apply her love for communication and teaching. Seven years ago she opened a school alongside Gastón Fernández, in her hometown, Madrid. Her passion made her want to cover everything: from the local organization to organize international workshops, local and international teaching, and little by little developing experience in choreographing and shows. Her true passion is teaching and dance socially, letting go and allowing the communication magic to spark. If she can teach both things, connecting the student with his/her self expression and how to express it through the jazz language, she knows she has succeeded. Everything framed by jazz culture, that she learned to love and study  with devotion from his dance partner Gastón Fernández. One day they were walking through Harlem and he said to her “After this walk, your dance will never be the same”. And it was true.

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