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Our school also organize international events. We try each one of them to be different, to have a distinctive stamp. For us an event is much more than just bringing international teachers. 

If you like to dance this event is going to blow your mind. We mix tap, authentic jazz, hip hop and a lot of music. Tap, hip hop and authentic jazz are North American dances that were born in the streets, are very interrelated and we are very excited to bring them together to inspire your dancing. Be ready to dance with a lot of hip hopers at night, because this event bring communities together.  Last edition was in 2020 and this event will rest for at least a year. 

Organized by: Big Mama Swing and Community Danza 


Big Mama has been organizing this Balboa event for 7 years, being the first years just Albert and Gloria. This is a very cosy event, that we take good care, with 2 couple of teachers, in our ballroom, which is very special for shuffling!! (all balboa people LOVE IT!) Look what people say about Nubalboa!!i!

Organized by: Big Mama Swing

ESpanish Blues Festival was born when there was only 2 international Blues dance events in Europe.

It started in the heads of Adamo and Alba, when they were a dance couple!! And then, short after Vicci Moore and Gastón Fernández joined the team. It was the first Blues Dance Festival In Spain, and always had its focus in the personal expression and social dancing. Its name is a joke, because that is how the locals say: “ Im from ESpain, Viva ESpain” We started renting ballrooms all over Madrid, and little by little it joined the Big Mama proyect, being today the ballroom at Big Mama and inseparable part of the soul and warmth of the festival. 

Organized by: Adamo Ciarallo, Gas Fernández and Alba Mengual


It was originaly thought as a smaller and reduced cost version, to reach out to the local scene and those countries with a more stranded economy. However, now the name is just a tradition, and we like to think of it as the winter edition, because you guys keep coming in big numbers. Normally the teaching team is more reduced than ESBF.

Organized by: Vicci Moore, Adamo Ciarallo, Gas Fernández and Alba Mengual (the 4 musketeers).

We run an insitute of swing culture in Madrid, called Big Mama Swing. This center is a paring: a concert hall and dance school, with 2 rooms conditioned for both activities, with a bar and a piano!! 



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