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gastón fernández

Gas is a passionate dancer, a Swing and Blues lover. 

He discovered Lindy Hop in 2001 in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Since then his compromise with the dance and the music has been increasing. Leading him to leave his continent to keep learning and improving as a dancer.


He has been teaching classes since 2008 in Buenos Aires, and internationally since 2009. He has traveled from Rio de Janerio (Brasil), to Melbourne (Australia), passing through New York, London, Stockholm, Berlin, etc.


His background as a gymnast gives his style power, dynamism and explosive aerials. His tango technique background provided his blues and “slow dance” with a profound conexion and sensitivity.  

Gas´s heart is thirsty to keep improving, learning, developing and fulfilling himself as a swing artist. His compromise is to transmit his passion, knowledge and inspire all those who are interested in this incredible world of Swing and Blues dance.

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