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"Hi Swing Planet !!!

I’m Rémi, a Lindy Hopper from France since september 2015. I’ve met Alba and Gas during the Swingroar 2016 in Lyon – France. It was my first festival and parties. It was like discovering an entire new world. I was there to follow classes and they were very kind, sharing with us the joy and the feeling of swing. I had challenged myself by inviting Aba for a dance … and she said yes, I had never invited someone before.  It was an 8 min song. I did 50 times the same thing and she enjoyed it by doing  50 different variations even if I was thinking “poor lady”. It gave me a lot of confidence to continue to dance and be less shy. After that I’ve met them other time for classes and talks with great pleasure !!!

All that to say that Gas and Alba are very kind and very good teachers as performers.

It’s a big Yes".

Remi Flandrin

"We find that you two are very kind persons and exceptional teachers, wich is equally important for us.

Each time we have a class with you, our dance evolve in a good and joyful way; each time, you give us much more than simply patterns.

With you, even in the seemingly "simplest" things, we touch something about the "soul of the dance" that deeply nourish our practice.

Thank you for that.

The "swing universe" would be much more empty and cold without you."

Julien Mauro

"When I first met Gas and Alba, I had just moved back to Spain and I was looking for the best instructors in the country to keep learning and improving as a dancer. Meeting with them went beyond my highest expectations, and although I had to travel about 300 kilometers and back to attend their classes once a week, I never ever regretted it.


When I had to move out of Spain (again!), I was very upset to leave them and their cozy school “Big Mama Swing”, where they nurture and bring up the best swing dancers in Madrid. But fortunately it is easy to find them teaching and performing in many exclusive and important swing events in Europe. And I take the chance to do so, of course! 


Their classes (both in the school and in the super-crowded international workshops) are always a perfect mix of technique, awareness, inspiration and the essential touch of leisure. The atmosphere is relaxed but productive. They are attentive, incredibly efficient in the class management, highly skilled in the pedagogic process, and know exactly when and how to push, support or challenge you. Their commitment to swing dancing and music as an art more than a business is an added value.


But to be honest, the thing that I appreciate most of them is the originality and elegance in their dancing. Unique and easily recognizable worldwide. They are a never-ending source of inspiration."


"Alba and Gas are great teachers for Lindy, Blues and Solo Jazz. As a student I love the warm and respectful way they treat each other as well as their students. In their classes and also when you see them dance you can really feel that they want to spread their love and appreciation for the music and the dance and its cultural and historical roots. Their warm ups in classes are awesome :-)"

Sandra Kuschel

"Gas and Alba, both as teachers and dancers, are unique. They have developed a personal style that is their stamp. They not only teach and dance with soul and passion, but they convey it to their students, achieving a perfect balance between teaching technique and at the same time allowing each one of their students to find their voice and self-expression. They don't limit themselves to teach dance, but also focus on teaching the music essence, culture and roots behind the dances they train. For me they have been a constant source of inspiration, very capital part of my development as a dancer. It is impossible to see them dancing without being driven by many emotions, which in my opinion, is what transform a dancer into an artist."

Lucía Mendoza

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