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FROM musitians

"The way Gas & Alba dance to Blues is unique. there are no better words to describe it. I love playing  for them, since the emotional range of their moves is so rich..they can take you into drama, melt your heart, and steal your soul with latin passion. Every song they dance to, they do it their way. And that’s what makes them special."

Stefano Ronchi

"I have had the pleasure of working with Alba and Gas for several years over many different events.  Whether they are performing internationally or in their own beautiful school and live music venue in Madrid, they bring a unique attitude to their dancing. They are deeply invested in the history of the dances they perform, and in the joy those dances spark for them. You can witness this joy and their passion watching them dance. It is an inspiring moment (and a wonderful distraction) to watch them whilst also trying to sing! Having learnt from them as a student, I can attest that they are also committed and engaging teachers who care greatly for their students and for sharing their love of dance. Gas and Alba are two excellent people doing great work in the world of dance and if you have a chance to go to Madrid you must visit my spiritual home: Big Mama Swing!"

Jessie Gordon

"In my opinion,Gas and Alba have many talents and qualities that I could easily point out, but among them all, there's one that I think is must-have for an artist: Passion. And is the passion to learn, to be better, to know more, which makes an artist (or two,in this case) stand out above others.Consequently, it's no surprise that they are one of the most-in demand dance teachers in the international scene. As human beings, they belong to the same outstanding category as dancers."

Enric Peidro

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