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FROM organizers

"Gas and Alba are very unique in their style, and that's what I like about their dancing. They are also great teachers and very kind and that's why students love their classes :)"

Nicolas, organizer of Savoy Cup and Bordeaux Swing

"Since we were lucky enough to have them for the first time in Policoro, we have been immediately impressed: They are the right people to interpret and convey the spirit of a swing festival like that of Policoro in Swing.

The right atmosphere of a festival is not only created by the type of music or dance, but also by many other features that accompany the quality of those who interpret that kind music and dance.

Gas and Alba represent an ensemble of human and professional qualities that enrich the atmosphere of a swing festival adding a value which encourages aggregation and a sense of belonging to the swing and blues community, like a one big family.

Gas and Alba are a couple of artists who, once you know them, you can no longer do without them."

Policoro in Swing organizers

"Gas and Alba are two adorable teachers and amazing professionals, passionately dedicated to their work. 

I have had the opportunity to work with them many times and I can only recommend them for their kindness, professionalism, participation and all the joy they bring in the room!"

Beatrice Spinali

"As an organizer for dance events I can only recommend to invite those absolutely lovable people for your events. It is always a pleasure to work with them.

One more thing to add: If you ever have the chance to do so, you should definitely attend one of the events Alba and Gas are organizing at their own homebase "Big Mama Swing" in Madrid. This place is fantastic and their events are so wonderful and well organized. The minute you arrive there you feel welcome like a friend."

Sandra Kuschel

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